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Meet our Staff

Our teachers all have a true love for children and are constantly finding new and unique ways for the children to reach their full intellectual potential.

Ms Amy Kucera

Ms Amy is the Executive Director of MCCDC. Amy was born and raised in Aurora. She attended UNL and earned her bachelors degree in Human Resources. She is married and has two sons, Dylan and Jacob. Amy has a passion for MCCDC and its success at continuing to enrich the lives of the children in our community!

Ms Michelle Heins

Ms Michelle is the Assistant Director of MCCDC. Michelle was born in Grand Island, at the age of 12 moved to Ecuador, South America. She came back to Central City her senior year and graduated from CCHS. Michelle married her high school sweetheart and they have been blessed with 4 children. Michelle came to MCCDC in 2011 and was the Toddler Room teacher, she then taught preschool for year before becoming the Assistant Director. Michelle loves watching kids grow and learn, she says that there is nothing better than getting to be a part of a "lighbulb" moment. Working at MCCDC has allowed Michelle to be a part of many of these special moments! MCCDC is so very blessed to have Michelle's caring and giving heart as a part of our team!

Ms Lori Fowler

Ms. Lori is the Food Manager for MCCDC. Lori is a 30 year veteran in the food service industry. She grew up in St Paul, NE and has been married to her husband for 39 years. Lori has 3 daughters and 8 grand babies. As the only "original" of the MCCDC staff, she has had the joy of seeing many children grow up and graduate from high school. One of her favorite things is when they come up to her and say "Remember me?" or "You made the BEST food!". Lori cannot imagine working anywhere else because she loves her job and they many little faces she gets to see each day! We are so thankful to have Ms. Lori @ MCCDC!

Ms Kathy Goerl

Ms Kathy works with both the school agers and 3 year olds at MCCDC. Ms Kathy grew up in Chicago. She met her husband there while he was in the Coast Guard. They lived mostly on the east coast, her husband was originally from Palmer and so they eventually settled back in Nebraska. Ms Kathy has 2 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grand children. We have been blessed to have Kathy and her giving heart at MCCDC for 17 years. She enjoys working with children because they are so eager to learn. Ms Kathy says that the unconditional love the children have for their teachers keeps her young!

Ms Desi VanPelt

Ms Desi is our Walker Room teacher. She was born and raised in Central City. Ms Desi married her high school sweetheart, Bobby, in 2015. They have 3 beautiful children together, Josie, Blakeley and Treyson. Ms Desi loves spending time with family and reading. She has been at MCCDC since 2013 and started as floater, was the Toddler Room teacher for about a year and now the Walker Room teacher. Ms Desi loves working with kids, watching them learn new things and seeing the smiles on their faces every day! She also loves the special bond she makes with every child in her room! Ms Desi is a perfect fit for all of the littles at the center with her incredibly caring and loving heart!

Ms Marlene Rodysill

Ms Marlene is a sub in various classrooms around MCCDC. Marlene loves children and watching them learn and grow! Ms Marlene has been married to her husband Kerry for 45 years. She worked at Litzenberg Hospital for over 40 years. In 2012, after retirement she started working at MCCDC. Ms Marlene enjoys the kids very much, they are like her extended grandchildren. She has 2 sons, Mick and Kris, and 3 grandchildren, Lydia, Quinn and Blake whom all live out of town. Children of all ages love Ms Marlene and her infamous itty bitty mouse trick!

Ms Carolynn Luce

Ms Carolynn is our head toddler room teacher. Ms Carolynn is originally from New Hampshire and after college moved to Connecticut for a job at the Children's Residential Home. Carolynn worked there for 5 years in direct care and then 15 years as a Director of 70 children that lived at the home. In July of 2010 she moved to Nebraska to be closer to her 2 sisters and 94 year old dad. Ms Carolynn's adopted daughter recently moved to Central City too! Ms Carolynn enjoys children and has a heart for foster children. Carolynn has a special gift of loving all children and we are so blessed to have her at MCCDC!

Ms Ashley Jividen

Ms Ashley Jividen was born and raised in Central City. Ashley has been at MCCDC for a little over 4 years and works in all of our classrooms. Ms Ashley loves working with kids because they are so fun and sweet. Ashley loves to snuggle and play with all of the kids. Ashley loves doing make up and is fabulous at doing the toddlers hair. Ashley has a servants heart and is always willing to pitch in wherever needed…whether it be mopping a floor, dancing with a toddler or rocking a baby. Ashley is a fabulous addition to our MCCDC team!

Ms Melanie Medinger

Ms Melanie is a 4/5 year old preschool teacher at MCCDC. She has worked at MCCDC for 16 years and has made a difference and changed a lot of little lives during that time!

Ms Melanies soft spoken personality is such a blessing to these little lives! Ms Melanie loves watching the children learn and grow and listening to all of the wonderful things they tell you every day! Melanie is married to her husband Mike and they have 2 boys, Easton (Kindergarten) and Gavin (4th Grade). Ms Melanie lives on a farm outside of Palmer and enjoys gardening, sewing and collecting antiques!

Ms Renae Lesiak

Ms. Renae grew up on a small farm near Bellwood, NE. She currently lives in Clarks, NE with her husband Tim and their 3 adorable children, Jacob, Blake, and Paisley and their dog Freddy. Ms Renae joined the MCCDC staff in 2011. She has worn many different "hats" during her time here from a support staff to preschool teacher. Currently you will find Renae in our 3 year old preschool classroom. In her free time, she loves to do crafts and spending time with her family. Ms Renae loves working with kids because they bring out the "silly kid" in her! The best part of her day is seeing all of the kiddos excited, happy faces when she walks into the room each morning! We are so blessed to have Renae's creative and fun loving spirit at MCCDC!

Ms Becky Richardson

Ms. Becky is on e of our head 4/5 year old  Preschool teachers. She grew up in Central City and has lived here most of her life. Becky has a 13 year old son, named Tristan. They like to spend time outside. taking long drives, and playing video games. They also enjoy spending time with family and friends. Becky has been been on staff @ MCCDC for 11 years and has worked with every age group. She really admires the pure happiness that children have for the simplest things in life. Ms. Becky's helpful heart and organizational skills are a wonderful addition to the MCCDC staff!

Ms Taylor Erickson

Ms. Taylor wears many hats at MCCDC! She is does a great job as a preschool teacher in our 3 year old classroom and recently took on the role of closing supervisor. She has lived in Central City her whole life and is currently studying at CCC in Grand Island. During the summer you will find Taylor at the Central City Aquatic Center keeping kiddos safe as they swim. Ms. Taylor"s Contagious laugh and desire to help wherever she is needed are a wonderful addition to the MCCDC Staff!

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